With all the hype around the latest PSVR 2, Sony and PlayStation are not showing any slowing down. The latest patent filed by Sony has shown that PlayStation is working on an AR headset. Though other AR headsets already exist in the market and honestly speaking the technology isn’t preferred by everyone Sony is trying to make their headset a new and better experience in every way. 

According to the patent, the main goal of the AR headset is to make everything seem as realistic as possible by putting 3D sound and visual technology that simulates reality indulging the users in the most immersive experience they’ve ever had. 

Sony ar headset
Source: Sony

The technology detects the wearer’s surroundings and displays visuals that are free of delay and distortion in rhythm with the wearer’s motions. Furthermore, it transmits noises through headphones that appear to originate from specific areas surrounding the wearer. This is accomplished by mimicking differences in sound volume, timing, and HRTFs (Head Related Transfer Functions) of sounds that reach each ear.

ar patent
Source: Sony

Along with that, particular focus has been done on the brightness as well so whether the users are in a bright or dimly lit environment they won’t have any problem using the headset. To manage that, the patent shows that it has a system that automatically recognizes the environment due to which it self-positions.

By monitoring ambient brightness and altering the transmittance of the display’s dimming control element correspondingly, the display’s visibility may be maintained even in bright outdoor areas. The study is still ongoing to increase usability, such as the rapid adjustment of see-through transmittance, which takes just two seconds to move from lightest to darkest and five seconds to go from darkest to lightest.

The AR headset looks great according to the patent, however, there are no further details of when it will go into production on Sony’s part. It is clear that the patent is filed by PlayStation via Sony because its filed by SIE. So, it is PlayStation that is working on it. 

What are your opinions on AR headsets? Do let us know!

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