Pioner Combines Fallout & Stalker For Immersive Survival RPG

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Promises Thrilling Survival FPS Gameplay!

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  • Pioner, an upcoming title from GFA Games, is a mixture of Fallout and Stalker.
  • The game features breathtaking visuals and a post-apocalyptic radiated world with various creatures.
  • It will also focus on multiplayer elements to stand out among the competition.

GFA Games is set to make its debut in the industry through Pioner, an upcoming survival game, which is being described as a fusion between Fallout and Stalker as it implements aspects of both games, resulting in a rich experience.

Like many other developers, the studio is relying on Unreal Engine 5 for its first project. The engine shines in the first trailer, showing a gorgeous first-person shooter with haunting environments inhabited by menacing creatures.

Why it matters: While these concepts are not new, the game promises to offer a unique blend of these ideas to present a unique experience from a new developer.

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Like Fallout, the game presents a heavily radioactive post-apocalyptic setting from the Soviet era. This remote location is home to mutants, wild animals, and other creatures.  These elements also evoke feelings of games from the Metro series.

Pioner will also feature massive open environments. The developer states that the vast world is filled with content, with some locations being as large as 10-kilometer square.

Elements like crafting play a massive role throughout the game, encouraging players to carefully survey each part of the environment as they navigate the atmospheric world of Pioner.

While the game appears to be inspired by single-player IPs, what sets Pioner apart is its focus on multiplayer elements. The game is designed to offer MMORPG-like elements, including raids, dungeon exploration, and more.

However, this focus will not come at the expense of single-player content or solo play.

GFA Games is currently working with a team comprised of developers from all over the world. The studio is also incorporating feedback from experienced players in the development process, hoping to refine the game before release.

Earlier this year, GFA Games confirmed that it expects to launch a beta in 2023. However, several months later, no additional details have been provided.

As 2024 draws near, we should hear more information about the game soon, including an exact release date. The game is still scheduled to launch in 2023, but it might be delayed if an announcement is not made in the near future.

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