When Russia invaded Ukraine in Late February, things did not turn out well for the country’s economy as many large-scale companies started leaving to avoid being a part of the war. This has left the PC market of Russia with little to no PC hardware support from leading companies like Asus, Dell, HP, etc.

The invasion of Ukraine has increased the demand for PC parts by as much as 300-400% in Russia; PC components that are most in demand include Motherboards, GPUs, CPUs, Memory, HDDs, SSDs, and PC cases, basically, anything the user can install.

Even though big PC hardware companies like Asus, HP, Nvidia, Dell, etc., have stopped supplying hardware to the country, it has not stopped partnering with suppliers to take advantage of the situation and capitalizing on the demand that is present because of the invasion of Ukraine.

One company that has benefitted the most from this situation is Lenovo, as its competitors like Dell and HP alike had to leave the country, going it and other local companies to step in and fulfill demand.

Among the PC components mentioned above, only graphics cards are selling a bit cheaper than last year, while the rest of the hardware is being sold at a much higher margin, but that does not stop consumers from getting their hands on the latest hardware.

Russian consumers now have to rely on illegally imported PC components because no proper distribution channel is currently present, which has led many users to get their desired PC components by any means possible.

Whatever the situation may or might turn out, Russia currently seems to be the most profitable country for PC components, even though most of the hardware provided is through grey and illegal channels.

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