Payday 3 Leaked Footage Shows 18 Minutes of Gameplay

18 Minutes Of Raw Footage Leaked!

Since the first teaser of Payday 3, the anticipation for the game is at an all-time high, and fans have been looking forward to more details. A gameplay trailer was also released during the Xbox Games Showcase, confirming a September 21 release date.

Following the recent trailers, 18 minutes of Payday 3 gameplay was leaked online. A content creator on YouTube uploaded 18 minutes of raw footage, but the privacy setting was set to private.

However, the complete gameplay can be found on Gofile.

Why it matters: The leaked gameplay provides the most comprehensive look at Payday 3. Fans can enjoy several minutes of gameplay to learn about the title.

Payday 3

The leaked gameplay has shown considerable graphics improvement over the previous game. Payday 3 is also set to receive another major graphical overhaul, with the game being updated to Unreal Engine 5 after release.

The footage shows the bank map and points to returning mechanics like classic custody. This allows players to exchange hostages with players arrested by the police during the heist.

While the game is confirmed to launch with 8 heists, the leaker believes 8 more will be released after launch. This would bring the total count closer to the heist count in previous Payday games.

The Payday series has over 38 million players, generating $300 Million in sales. Following Payday 3, these figures are expected to rise further as the game is already wish-listed by over 1 Million Steam users.

The latest entry is shaping into the most successful game in the Payday series. It will also be released on Xbox Game Pass, likely bringing a much bigger audience to the third game.

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