Payday 3 Dev Issues Apology For Extremely Flawed Launch

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Suffering From Connectivity Issues, Crashing, And More!

The release of Payday 3 has unfortunately been ruined by significant technical issues. This has prompted Tobias Sjögren, the CEO of Starbreeze, to extend an apology to the fans publicly.

Why it matters: The launch issues have frustrated the fans. However, the CEO’s acknowledgment of these problems offers hope that they will be addressed soon.

Two days after hitting the market, Payday 3, including its Game Pass launch, faces several connectivity issues, preventing some players from attempting a heist.

The game’s multiplayer suffered from server crashes and matchmaking problems right from early access to the official release. Players expressed dissatisfaction with problems like poor AI, performance, and awkward character movement, along with frequent game crashes.

This led to less-than-stellar reviews, with Metacritic scores hovering around 70 or lower. The game on Steam has received a surge of negative feedback, landing it in the “mostly negative” category.

Following the bumpy launch, Starbreeze’s CEO, Tobias Sj√∂gren, has sincerely apologized to the community on behalf of the development team. Sjogren openly admitted that the online setup of Payday 3 didn’t meet expectations.

He also pointed to upcoming fixes and said:

“We work tirelessly until we have restored all services.”

In July of this year, Starbreeze made a significant change by adopting an always-online model. This decision did not sit well with many fans, and the launch has highlighted why many fans were concerned about this decision.

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It seems this move has come back to haunt the studio, as the need for constant internet connection is the main thing keeping players from enjoying the anticipated release.

These launch issues echo through the gaming community, holding back the full potential of Payday 3. The requirement for continuous online connection and setting up a Nebula account has understandably annoyed many players.

Furthermore, incidents of heist disconnections, resulting in lost progress, have added to player frustration.

However, given the current issues, players wanting to go on solo heists can use a workaround. They can pick “Choose Friends Only” or “Invite Only” before matchmaking, wait briefly, and start playing.

If no friends join, players can team up with bots. While this option might add a bit more challenge due to AI limitations, it provides a means to bypass the prevalent server issues.

However, the big question is whether Payday 3 has already been significantly damaged, as these significant launch issues raise doubts about the future success of the third installment in the franchise.

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