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Nvidia RTX 4080

NVIDIA RTX 4080: Specs, Release Date & Price

Here is everything you need to know About the upcoming Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 - Its price, specifications, performance, and release date!
RTX 4070

RTX 4070: Release Date, Specs, & Price

Here is everything you need to know about RTX 4070, including, Release Date, Price, Benchmarks, Performance, Specifications & More.
i5-12600k vs i9-9900k

i5-12600k vs i9-9900k: Gaming & Productivity

Intel's latest 12th Gen CPUs code-named Alder Lake have been launched setting a new standard for the competition in the industry. Intel had been...
12900k vs 12700k vs 12600k

i9-12900k vs i7-12700k vs i5-12600k

Intel released their latest 12th gen Alder Lake processors in November 2021. Announcing the tri-package of the 12900k vs 12700k vs 12600k, Intel did...
Best RAM For i9 12900K

Best RAM For i9-12900K: DDR5 and DDR4 Options

The 12th Gen Core CPUs from Intel are out for the masses, but picking the best RAM for i9-12900K can be a daunting task for...
TSMC 5nm

Micron Shipping 16Gb GDDR6X for Next-Gen Nvidia GPUs

Nvidia's next generation of graphics cards is nearly here, and rumors about the GPUs have been spreading like wildfire. With Ampere, Nvidia managed to...
Vivo X Fold Unfolded

Check out the first real-world photos of the Vivo X Fold

We have some very exciting news to share regarding the Vivo X-Fold. It's a smart folding phone aimed to be a direct competitor to...
12700K vs 5800x

12700K vs 5800x

We compare Intel's i7 12700K vs AMD's Ryzen 7 5800x in various aspects to help you choose your next mid-to-high range CPU.
Nvidia rtx

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 To Feature 16GB GDDR6 At $499 MSRP

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 is set to launch with 16Gb GDDR6 VRAM and 10% better performance than GeForce RTX 3090 with the MSRP starting at $499
Intel 12th Gen vs 11th Generation

Intel 12th Gen vs 11th Gen

We compare Intel's 12th Generation vs 11th Generation including architecture, specifications, processors, performance, and price.
Nokia Smartphones Germany Relaunched

Report: Nokia Quietly Relaunching Smartphones In Germany

Nokia is no stranger to anybody familiar with the world of phones. They were considered revolutionary in the market for several years. However, with...
RX 6X50 Cover

AMD RDNA2 Refresh RX 6X50 XT Series Launch Delayed to May 10th

The year 2022 has been the best year for hardware enthusiasts and gamers since 2020, as the supply and pricing of graphic cards have...




Red Dead Online Trial PlayStation Plus PS Plus Platinum membership

Rockstar Might Offer a Free Limited Trial for Red Dead Online

You might be getting a limited trial for the Red Dead Online all thanks to a strange transaction that occurred with a lot of players.