Overwatch took the world by storm, back in 2016. The game was considered a brilliant example for the hero shooter genre and many praised the game’s accessible, yet complex gameplay.

A sequel for the game is currently in development. The release date is currently anybody’s guess, but fans have been eager to learn more about Overwatch 2. Blizzard’s upcoming game is mainly focused on the universe around the heroes, and their stories. As such, PVP hasn’t seen a huge improvement over the first game.

However, it seems like the developers may be planning something completely different for Overwatch 2. Reputed leaker, @insider_wtf has recently tweeted about Overwatch 2 and he has hinted that the game could be going free to play.

At first, the tweet seems to be completely unrelated to Overwatch. However, fans of the franchise will notice that the leaker has used the seven nouns that describe the game. Hope, honor, courage, justice, compassion, determination, and harmony were the exact words used for the game in 2015.

The leaker further states the game will be free to play. This is likely a reference to the upcoming sequel. While the first game was massive, the sequel has not seen the same kind of hype from fans and critics. Therefore, it would make sense for Blizzard to shift to a free to play model. 

Overwatch 2 multiplayer was also reportedly free-to-play for owners of the previous games. However, it seems like Blizzard has decided to open the game up to everyone, appealing to a wider audience. The PVE aspect of the game will likely remain a paid purchase, since that has been the primary focus for the sequel. 

Furthermore, games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone have been incredibly successful with this model recently. Overwatch is already well suited to the free to play format, given the abundance of cosmetic micro-transactions in the game. The franchise has also provided content like heroes and maps for free, over the last few years.

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Going free to play would be a wise move by Blizzard. It seems like the market for free to play games is still growing, and Blizzard has undoubtedly noticed. Consequently, Overwatch 2 will likely be introduced to a whole new audience of players, and this move could end up being extremely fruitful for the game, in the long run. 

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