ORICO Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the global leading manufacturers of computer peripherals and digital accessories, whose brand ORICO is based on the innovative concept of “Easy Your PC” which has completed its nine years of in development. Devoted to excellent electronic products and accessories, ORICO owns the most comprehensive computer peripherals and digital accessories involving Storages, Hubs, Chargers, Surge Protectors, Batteries and other accessories.

They term themselves a leader of external storage, USB 3.0/3.1 and mobile phone USB intelligent fast–charging technology. Orico maintains the strategic cooperation with premium brands like Western Digital, VIS, NS,, Norelsys, Realtake to name a few. Much of this specialty is coming from their own specialized product development and production industry chain. ORICO is not so much a brand as an inventive philosophy.

ORICO ZMC01 Fast Wireless Charger and HT3-12-BK Cable Review

This time around it seems like we are taking a break from evaluating external enclosures and USB hubs as ORICO has sent us their Wireless Fast Charger and a 3-in1 charging cable for evaluation. The ORICO ZMC01 is a wireless fast charging accessory using Qi protocol with the input rating of 2A on 5V DC and 1.67A on 9V DC.

The output rating is 2A on 5V DC and 1.2A on 9V DC with a maximum output power of 10W. The charger comes in black and white versions. The ORICO HT3-12 is a 3-in-1 cable that can be used for charging the supported devices as well as data copying.

It has a Lightning connector, USB Type-C connector, and a micro USB connector. The basic idea is to provide all three commonly used connectors on a single cable to relieve the users from changing the cable with respect to the device. Like if a user has an Apple device and a Samsung mobile (for example) then the same cable can be used for both of these devices. Let’s take a look at both products one by one.

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HT3-12-BK Specifications

HT3-12-BK Specifications

ORICO ZMC01 Packaging and Unboxing

ORICO ZMC01 Packaging Cable

The cable is shipped in a minimal packing inside a one-sided transparent container. The front side has ORICO Smart Connectivity Cable printed on the top. The cable can be seen in entirety from this side.

ORICO ZMC01 Back Side Packaging

The backside of the packing container has ORICO Smart Connectivity Cable printed on the top. The company’s contact information is printed on the main section.

ZMC01 Contents

Following are included:

  • 1x Cable
  • 1x Information Material

ZMC01 Contents

HT3-12-BK Cable Closer Look

HT3-12-BK Cable Review Closer Look

The cable itself is braided/sleeved in the black color. The length of the cable is 1.2 meters which is sufficient.

HT3-12-BK Cable Review Closer Look Connector USB

The main connector is USB Type-A.

HT3-12-BK Cable Review Closer Look USB Micro Connector

The connector located on the main cable’s other end is a USB Micro connector. The cable has two more connectors at the terminating side. These are:

  • Lightning Connector for Apple
  • USB Type-C Connector for Android

The above two are in addition to the Micro USB connector. Hence we have a total of three connectors on this cable. The idea is simple. Depending upon which type of device is being connected, the respective short cable connector is attached to the Micro USB connector effectively giving the required output by converting the Micro USB to the required connector. This makes it clear that this cable is offering all three possible connectivity options using connector adapters based on Micro USB cable.

HT3-12-BK Cable Review Micro USB Closer Look

Here are salient features of the HT3-12-BK:

  • The cable supports fast charging as it has support for 2.4A current.
  • The cable is pull-resistant which adds more rigidity.
  • It supports Lightning Interface, USB Micro B interface, and Type-C interface.
  • The cable is designed to withstand the current level of 2.4A without over-heating.
  • The cable core is made of 23AWG thick copper which not only offers low resistance to flow of current but fast charging as well.
  • All connectors are made of Aluminum alloy.

I have checked the cable using the Micro USB connector only as all the available devices in my place are Android. The Cable was fast charging my Samsung S7 Edge without getting over-heated. The cable was found working flawlessly when connected to the PC. It was charging and doing data transmission simultaneously.


ZMC01 Wireless Fast Charger Specifications

ZMC01 Wireless Fast Charger Specifications

Fast Wireless Charger Packaging and Unboxing

The charger is shipped inside a paperboard box.

Fast Wireless Charger Packaging

The front side of the packing box has ORICO FAST WIRELESS CHARGER printed on the top. There is a picture of the charger in the middle. The safety features of the charger are printed on the bottom.

Fast Wireless Charger Backside Packaging

The backside of the packing box has a similar layout on the top. Features of the charger are highlighted pictorially. The specifications are printed in a tabular format. The company’s contact information is printed at the bottom followed by a serial no sticker and manufacturing country information.

Fast Wireless Charger Left Side Packaging

ORICO brand logo and name are printed on the left side. A scan code is printed on the right side.

Fast Wireless Charger Right Side Packaging

Fast Wireless Charger ZMC01 is printed here.

ORICO ZMC01 Contents

Following are included:

  • 1x Charger
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 2x Information Material

ORICO ZMC01 Contents

ZMC01 Fast Wireless Charger Closer Look

The ORICO ZMC01 is a Fast Wireless Charger capable of delivering up to 10W of power to wirelessly fast charge the compatible device.

ZMC01 Fast wireless charger Closer Look

The charger has a slim design to it. The diameter of the charger is 100mm and the height is 7mm. Our sample comes in white color. The black color edition is also available. The ORICO brand logo and name are on the center of the top surface. This surface has dual-coil underneath. The weight of the unit is just 72gm.

ZMC01 Fast wireless charger Coil Closer Look

ORICO has used dual-coil in the ZMC01 which gives energy conversion of 73% making it more power-efficient. The unit operates in three modes with each mode providing its own power target. These are:

  • 5W for MiMIX 2S
  • 5W for iPhone
  • 10W for selected Android Devices

ZMC01 Fast wireless charger Top Cover Closer Look

The top cover does not fully cover the unit. The area near the edge is exposed which is design implementation. There is a diffuser on the edge of the unit which has a green color LED underneath.

The LED is for visual indicator and gives a pleasant outlook when the unit is in operation. The use of Blue color LED for the white edition of ZMC01 would have been better in my opini0on purely from the aesthetic perspective. Here are the LED modes and their description:

  • Power On: There will be a flashing Green light for once and the unit will enter in Standby mode.
  • Standby: There will be no light indicator.
  • Charging: The LED light will continue breathing during the charging.
  • Abnormality: The LED light will flash continuously in case a non-supported device is connected.
  • No Light: When the connected device is fully charged up the LED will go off.

ZMC01 Fast wireless charger Backside Closer Look

The backside of the charger has two anti-vibration and anti-slippery rubber pads on two opposite sides. The power information of the unit is printed here. The charger is made in China. The complete unit has rubber oil coating treatment to ensure the anti-slippery.

fast wireless charger USB Micro-A to B cable

The charger is using USB Micro-A to B cable. For quick charging, the QC2.0 supported adapter is required. The users can use their mobile charging adapter for this purpose.

The charger can sense the device up to a distance of 8mm. The mobile with cover can be charged as well. The unit has intelligent heat control to avoid over-heating. Following models are supported on this unit:

ZMC01 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I have tested the unit on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

fast wireless charger Tested Resultfast wireless charger Test result

Here is the test result:

Power Source Battery Percentage Charging Time Heat Status
Samsung QuickCharge Adapter 20% to 100% Approximately 90 minutes Not overheated
ORICO ZMC01 connected to Samsung QuickCharge Adapter 20% to 100% Approximately 140 minutes Over Heated

The issue with the early versions of the wireless charging was their longer charging time period as compared to the walled adapters. The solution to which was released in the form Fast Wireless Chargers which reduced the charging time but still not at par with the QuickCharge adapters. Our testing has shown exactly that.

Although the ORICO ZMC01 has taken 50 more minutes to charge the device, I could see the benefits like easy of handling the set by just picking it off the base and putting it back on without disconnecting/connecting the USB cable. This scenario is quite particular to me. But here is a caveat to it. After a full charge cycle, the unit was quite heating up which is not the case when charging using the Samsung QuickCharge adapter.


The ORICO ZMC01 is a fast wireless charger available in two colors; white and black. It operates in three modes which are 5W, 7.5W and 10W depending upon the connected device. These modes are not in the user’s control but the device will itself decide. The unit has a dimension 100mmx7mm making it quite a slim and easy to port design. There is an LED lighting solution provided which is located under the diffuser on the edges.

The LED is there to serve as an indicator. The unit is using a dual-coil design to bring more power efficiency. QC 2.0 adapter is needed for fast charging. In my testing, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge takes approximately 140 minutes to charge the device from 20% to 100% on a single charge.

This is 50 minutes more than charging the same device using the Samsung QuickCharge adapter. The mobile was quite heating up after a full charge which makes me wonder what sort of over-heat protection this unit comes with. The unit has rubber oil coating treatment in addition to two rubber pads on the base to avoid accidental slippery.

The ORCIO HT3-12-BK is a 3-in-1 charging and transmission cable designed to bring 3 different types of connectors on a single cable for the ultimate user’s convenience and makes the life of the users having Apple and Android devices at a time, easier.

The cable has meshed and is braided and the core is made up of 23AWG copper wire to withstand 2.4A current. The cable is Fast Charging capable and comes with over-heat protection. The connectors are Lightning, Micro USB, and Type-C. All connectors are made of aluminum alloy.

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