Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090 Is Reportedly Based On Monolithic Die

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Going Back To Chiplet Design After MCM Design On AI Cards!

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  • The Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090 will likely feature a monolithic GB202 “Blackwell” GPU die.
  • Expectations include next-gen GDDR7 memory with 32GB capacity and a 512-bit interface for improved performance.
  • Nvidia aims to reinforce its gaming dominance with Blackwell architecture.

As per the most recent rumor, Nvidia’s flagship GeForce RTX 5090 GPU will have a large and monolithic GB202 “Blackwell” die.

Why it matters: This is significant since, although the company aims to employ a physically monolithic GPU design for its gaming-focused GeForce RTX 50 series GPUs, it used a chiplet design for its HPC and AI GPUs, notably the Blackwell B100 and B200 AI.

Nvidia Blackwell Vs Hopper
Nvidia Blackwell Vs Hopper GPUs

From what we know, the flagship GeForce RTX 5090 graphics card will be powered by the GB202 “Blackwell” GPU. Furthermore, Nvidia is expected to introduce next-generation GDDR7 memory on its RTX 50 series GPUs, featuring up to 32GB of lightning-fast GDDR7 memory.

According to several reports, the next-generation flagship may have a 512-bit interface, and a completely new PCB and cooling system are being developed for this enormous card.

That said, if the GB202 keeps its 128 cores per SM design from the AD102 “Ada Lovelace” GPU inside the RTX 4090, we should expect this GPU to power the GeForce RTX 5090 with up to 192 SMs and 24,567 CUDA cores.

It is also expected that Nvidia may further extend its dominance in the gaming category with Blackwell, given speculations that AMD is pulling out of the ultra-high-end graphics performance segment with its RDNA 4 series.

There are no performance figures for the upcoming GeForce RTX 50 series. However, we won’t be surprised if Nvidia introduces a new technology specific to its Blackwell architecture.

We could see DLSS 4 coming out alongside this generation.

Aside from that, we should expect improvements in other aspects, mainly focusing on efficiency and better ray tracing performance, not to mention the controversial 12VHPWR connector.

Hopefully, Nvidia will be able to address all these sectors with its next generation of high-end cards. The GeForce RTX 5090 is anticipated to go on sale a few weeks after the RTX 5080, which is said to be the first Blackwell gaming GPU to hit the shelves.

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