Nvidia CEO Says Fully AI-Made Games Are Just 5-10 Years Away

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Forget About RTX On, Nvidia Wants AI On!

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  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang hints that there may be a shortage of jobs for game developers in the near future.
  •  Fully AI-generated games could be released in as little as five years.
  • The final version of DLSS could take shape as a fully neural rendering system.

During this week’s festivities for GTC 2024, Nvidia Founder and CEO Jensen Huang conducted a Q&A session with the media. Following the reveal of Nvidia Blackwell and new evolutions for ACE, the CEO hinted at possible job shortages for game developers.

He told a reporter that fully AI-generated games could be released in as little as five years.

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The answer was recorded one day after Nvidia released several films showing off a new set of artificial intelligence (AI) tech that will power game development in the future, including those highlighting intelligent NPCs and digital humans.

Huang predicts that in the next ten years, there could be early attempts at AI-generated gaming. In the meantime, he envisions a future in which GPU-powered AI tools could potentially generate computer graphics.

It seems that the CEO has a fairly optimistic view of the situation. He argues that AI will not instantly create games like Cyberpunk 2077 out of nowhere through simple prompts, but the technology will enable the generation of models, videos, code, and more.

On the fly generation of games doesn’t feel nearly as out of reach.

-Jensen Huang

There are many examples of individuals making games with very little work already. While these games may not be excellent, again, these are people utilizing tools from version 1.0.

It is much more than most people can accomplish on their own, and AI can work on ideas much more quickly to produce better games.

AI is currently changing the way we write code, as Huang also mentioned in the Q&A session; you no longer need to attend years of school to be able to write scripts and code.

While it remains to be seen whether the much-expanded usage of AI tools to assist in content creation will eventually lead to better games, the ultimate DLSS evolution is expected to be a fully neural rendering system in the far future, able to interact in various ways with a game engine.

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