No Superman Game Currently Planned From Warner Bros

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  • Superman is the most iconic superhero in DC comics. 
  • However, the superhero has yet to shine in the gaming industry.
  • While a new film based on the character is set to arrive next year, no game is being made for him yet.

Superman is among the most recognizable figures in all of comics. With various stories and adaptations over the years, his legacy extends to various mediums of entertainment, including films and games.

However, while Batman’s Arkham series is considered revolutionary for the character, Superman has yet to receive similar treatment. This does not appear to be changing anytime soon since Warner Bros is not planning a Superman game for the time being.

Why it matters: Superman’s existence in a game has always been debatable since many believe his abilities make him too strong for a solo game.


During a recent interview with Variety, Discovery’s CEO of global streaming and gaming, JB Perrette, talked about the relationship between the studio and its games.

He stated that they didn’t have a close relationship with the games department in the past and don’t plan on forcing game adaptations depending on a character’s current popularity. This means that a new movie won’t guarantee a game adaptation.

The CEO added:

“While they’re working on a movie, we’re not going to launch a Superman game purely because we feel obligated.”

Elaborating further, he stated that the team wants to focus on a game that makes sense for the fanbase. Therefore, there are no plans to release a Superman game for now.

Superman Game Warner Bros DC

Recently, Warner Bros teased a Superman game like Hogwarts Legacy. However, this statement seems to have been misinterpreted, referring to Warner Bros’ general outlook on such adaptations.

Still, with Batman’s Arkham series no longer the juggernaut it used to be, the publisher could soon make a move. Superman: Legacy is targeting a 2025 release date, and if successful, this film will bring a new level of popularity to the character.

Therefore, a gaming adaptation would serve to capitalize on this appeal. Rocksteady will also be free after its latest release next week, leaving the possibility of another revolutionary superhero game from this studio.

Superman has been recently featured in games like Injustice from NetherRealm Studios. However, solo titles based on the character have been largely unsuccessful for various reasons.

We hope to see this changing in the future. Thanks to a rich legacy, this character certainly deserves a major AAA adaptation, and with Wonder Woman set to receive her own single-player game soon, Superman is the only one left to receive this treatment among the DC Trinity.

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