Nier Automata Sequel Reportedly Hinted By Franchise Creator

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A Third Installment is Long Overdue!

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  • Yoko Taro seems to have hinted at a potential NieR: Automata sequel at a London concert.
  • He asked the fans to cheer if they wanted a sequel.
  • The word ‘R3PENT’ also caught everyone’s attention, strongly suggesting that something is in the works.

NieR: Automata fans were surprised at a recent concert in London. Yoko Taro, the creator of the series, known for his mysterious ways, hinted at a possible sequel to the beloved title.

Why it matters: Square Enix recently revealed that NieR: Automata sold 8 million copies in its lifetime across all platforms. This indicates the title’s success, so it won’t be a surprise if the company announces a sequel.

NieR: Automata Sequel Teased
SanTheSly reveals the details of the NieR concert in London.

Although specifics are still unclear, reports from the concert indicate that Yoko Taro playfully acknowledged the audience’s desire for more of the NieR: Automata story, maintaining the series’ characteristic air of mystery.

This information comes from a ResetEra member who was present at the NieR concert in London. According to the member, following the conclusion of the musical performance, Yoko Taro took the stage, reportedly acknowledging the presence of Square Enix’s president in the crowd.

He then playfully challenged the attendees, stating that if they yearned for a sequel to NieR: Automata, they should make their desires known through thunderous applause.

Of course, the concert hall burst with cheers, claps, and excited shouts. While Yoko Taro’s comment about the Square Enix president might be up for debate, fans want more of the NieR series.

Further fueling speculation, the ResetEra member noticed a detail during the concert’s storytelling segments. The word “REPENT” flashed on the screen multiple times as part of the narrative.

What caught the audience’s attention was the final rendition of the word displayed as “R3PENT.” Though subtle, this alteration intrigued some audience members, leading to theories about its potential importance.

Nier Automata Nier Replicant
A third installment in the NieR franchise is long overdue.

The sneaky appearance of the number “3” has stirred up talk that there might be a third NieR game in the works. These little hints add to the excitement, leaving fans hanging on for actual news from the creators.

With Square Enix ready to prioritize quality over quantity by streamlining its video game lineup, it makes more sense than ever to create a sequel to Automata.

One important thing to note is that Yoko Taro is famous for playing with his audience’s expectations. He loves being mysterious and dropping hints, which keeps fans busy decoding messages and finding hidden meanings in his creations.

We’ll have to wait and see if this leads to an actual project, but Yoko Taro has rekindled fans’ excitement for NieR: Automata, leaving them eager to see what’s next for this fascinating franchise.

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