New Godfather Game Is Long Overdue

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The Godfather Legacy Must Live On!

Story Highlights
  • The 2006 Godfather game was a beloved open-world experience that captured the essence of the iconic movie.
  • The hand-to-hand combat, while fun, could be significantly improved using current technology.
  • Fans have started a petition to remaster the original game, which is gaining traction.

In 2006, The Godfather game brought the famous Mafia story from the movie into the gaming scene.

As a movie fan, I was doubtful because games based on movies usually aren’t great. But, surprisingly, The Godfather was a great open-world game that gave a fun experience with a range of activities.

When the game was released, many classified it as another GTA clone. However, it was much more than just a GTA clone. Despite the odd classification, The Godfather became one of the best PS2 games of its time.

Now, 17 years later, fans are demanding a new game from the series. In fact, fans have started a petition to remake the 2006 adaptation. Players want a fresh version with better graphics, improved storytelling, more engagement, and enhanced dialogue.

Why it matters: Getting your hands on this game today is tough. Players either need to hunt for a used copy, which is quite rare nowadays, or consider piracy. This is why a remake or a whole new entry for the current-gen systems makes sense.

The Godfather

The Legacy

EA launched The Godfather game for platforms like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii in 2006. It was a third-person open-world experience that took a fresh angle on the 1972 film, letting players dive into the Corleone family’s world through a new character’s eyes.

Despite getting thumbs up from critics and fans, the game never made its way back to modern consoles. Given the significant money and time Electronic Arts put into the game, a crucial question comes up: Shouldn’t it be available on the latest and previous gaming consoles?

The franchise received a sequel in 2009 but hasn’t been touched since. In my opinion, it would be great to have a new Godfather game with improved gameplay mechanics using modern technology.

The Godfather

Brutal Melee Combat Fit For The Mafia

This franchise introduced fun gameplay with a blend of family missions and the freedom to explore, dabbling in both legal and shady ventures.

I had too much fun shaking down businesses and taking over restaurants by using different strategies for an immersive experience. The money earned could be used to buy new outfits and weapons, each with its own effectiveness.

In hand-to-hand combat, a straightforward control scheme used triggers and sticks for grabs, punches, and kicks. The Blackhand feature stood out to me. This feature allowed me to unleash brutal moves, from neck-snapping to point-blank gunfire, amping up the combat intensity.

A new Godfather game with a more enhanced melee combat system would be groundbreaking.

YouTube video

The Challenge of Access

Wondering if you can play The Godfather on PC? Well, yes, you can, but it’s not on big online stores like Steam or Epic Games.

This leaves players in a bit of a bind, pushing them towards less legitimate options. Solving this ethical dilemma is as simple as making the game accessible on official platforms.

As I mentioned earlier, the game can’t be played on modern consoles, either. This is why EA needs to consider a remaster or The Godfather 3 so everyone can experience this brilliant work of art.

The Godfather

There is a Petition For a Remake

The original game wasn’t without its flaws. The driving feels a bit floaty, and turning corners is too touchy. Shooting is stiff, and the cover system feels outdated.

When you compare it to Resident Evil 4, which came out the same year, The Godfather doesn’t quite nail these gameplay elements. However, many of these problems can be chalked up to game design of the past.

Therefore, fans of the movie and the game have started an online petition, calling for a remastered version. The person behind the petition strongly supports a complete remake of the game for current and next-gen consoles.

The petition reminds me of the title’s success and expresses the wish for a remastered edition developed on a modern game engine utilizing advanced technologies.

While it has generated excitement, the prospect of a fresh Godfather game is up in the air. Games linked to movies often grapple with licensing issues, making comebacks uncommon.

Still, fans stay hopeful, pointing to the Mafia remake’s success. The anticipation around Mafia 4 and this petition might encourage Paramount, Francis Ford Coppola, and other key players to take note of the dedicated fan demand.

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