Direct Black Ops 2 Sequel Coming From Call of Duty In 2025

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Includes Several Remastered Black Ops 2 Maps!

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  • A new Black Ops game covering the Gulf War is expected in 2024.
  • According to a new report, Activision will follow this game with a Black Ops 2 sequel in 2025.
  • The game will feature returning elements like Pick-10 classes and round-based zombies.

Black Ops 2 is often considered Call of Duty’s best title to date. With a semi-futuristic setting and an innovative approach across the board, this game is a fan favorite among both new and old players.

While Call of Duty has revisited the Black Ops saga on multiple occasions, it has not released a game set around 2025 for over a decade. This will change in two years, with Activision reportedly creating a direct sequel to Black Ops 2.

Why it matters: Black Ops 2 might be the most nostalgic Call of Duy for millions of current fans, allowing Activision a chance to capitalize on the game’s legacy.

Quite appropriate to the 2012 Call of Duty’s setting, the developers will release a game reminiscent of Black Ops 2 in 2025.

As reported earlier, it will feature revamped multiplayer maps from Black Ops 2, like Modern Warfare 3. However, since this decision received so much backlash in 2023, Activision seems to have decided to avoid reusing all of the maps.

Classic and fan-favorite Black Ops 2 features like the pick-10 class system and round-based zombies will return in a 2030 time period. Other parts of the game, like its movement system, will be completely revamped from the current formula.

This decision could lead to a major resurgence for the IP. There is no doubt about Black Ops 2’s popularity, with the game’s recent popularity highlighting its place in the Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Interestingly, another Black Ops title set in the Gulf War period will be released before this entry. Therefore, 2024 and 2025 will mark the first time Activision releases two Black Ops games consecutively.

Call of Duty seems to be pulling all the right strings. Despite Modern Warfare 3’s poor critical reception, relying on nostalgia has enabled this entry to boast impressive results like its predecessors.

A Black Ops 2 sequel is an even better move since the community has been begging Activision for a remaster since the PS3 and Xbox 360 were left behind.

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