The Ascent is a top-down action RPG by developer Neon Giant. Set in a cyberpunk universe, the game delivers fast-paced gameplay with gorgeous visuals. The game was Neon Giant’s debut in the video-game industry.

Neon Giant is a small studio consisting of 11 people. The studio has achieved with The Ascent is nothing short of considerable achievement. The Ascent has been a strong first showing for Neon Giant, and the team is now gearing up for a new project.

A new job listing for Senior Level Designer at Neon Giant has hinted at some interesting information for the developer’s future project. 

The Ascent Neon Giant
Job Listing For Senior Level Designer
Source: Neon Giant

Experience with First Person gameplay has been listed as one of the requirements for the position. The developer’s last work was based on third-person gameplay. However, this requirement strongly suggests that Neon Giant’s next game will be based on a first-person perspective

Furthermore, the developers have also confirmed that they will be transitioning to Unreal Engine 5 for their next project. Neon Giant’s last work was also based on Unreal Engine. Therefore, this move should allow the developers to utilize the power of the latest rendition while feeling at home from their experience with the last version.

Moreover, a first-person game from the developer has a lot of potentials. A YouTube video from Gaming with Griff Griffin has shown The Ascent in the first person, and it looks astonishingly good in the first person for a top-down RPG.

If this video is anything to go by, Neon Giant could make something extraordinary in the first-person genre. Many fans have also asked for an optional first-person mode for Ascent since the video’s release.

However, the listing does not go into specifics. The first-person mode could also be limited to a few instances, but that remains to be seen. Neon Giant has made no official comments on the matter so far.

The studio has shown just a glimpse of its potential with its first game. The Ascent was an impressive showing from a small team of just 11 developers. With the experience gained from their last project, the team is likely ready to blow expectations out of the water. 

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