Last year we witnessed Bethesda becoming a part of Xbox. Since then, we’ve been hearing regular reports of various games in development. Starfield is one of the biggest names among them. We also found out that Xbox and Bethesda are working on Disney-licensed games.

However, the most extensive series of games that falls under Bethesda is no doubt the Fallout series. The latest addition to the series arrived in the form of Fallout 76 in 2018. But now, according to the LinkedIn page of Bethesda’s Senior Artist who worked on the Fallout series, we might soon see a new addition to the franchise.

Senior animator
Source: LinkedIn

According to DongJun Kim’s LinkedIn profile, Bethesda is now working on an unannounced project, and seeing that Starfield was already announced a year back and that DongJun has worked mainly on the Fallout series, it is conceivable that the unannounced project could be a new entry in the Fallout lineup possibly Fallout 5.

We already know that Bethesda has plans to make a Fallout 5, as Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed in an interview by IGN. When asked about whether they will make a Fallout 5, he answered:

“I don’t see, Look, Fallout’s really part of our DNA here. We’ve worked with other people from time to time. I can’t say what’s gonna happen. You know, we have a one-pager on Fallout 5, what we want to do.”

It seems like Bethesda has come to start working on Fallout 5. However, it should be noted that even if the unannounced project is Fallout 5, there is no way it is launching any time in the near future.

Keep in mind that all this is speculation as there has been no official word by Xbox or Bethesda regarding this unannounced game. It could be the next Fallout, or it could be a completely different and new project.

Feel free to let us know your opinion if you think this is finally the Fallout 5 or something else!

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