Neil Druckmann Is Considering The Last Of Us Part 3

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We Might Get Part 3!

The Last of Us Series has always been successful and is undoubtedly loved by fans worldwide. PC fans have been waiting for the Part 1 remake for a while now as it got delayed to 28th March, but the hype is surely not dying, thanks to the latest TV Show.

The Last of Us TV Show took the internet by storm, and fans are loving it as the reviews are highly positive. Lately, we have been hearing about the TV Show as it exceeded the hype of every single fan. Due to the hype, fans now think that the God of War TV Show will be perfect too. 

When we thought things couldn’t be more intense, Neil Druckmann teased some information about The Last of Us Part 3. Many fans would love to know what Ellie would do later on as she finished the cycle of revenge, so this could seem like a cliffhanger, but it can be considered a good ending.

In January, Druckmann confirmed that there are still stories in The Last of Us as he said, I think there’s more story to tell.” Now in an interview with IGN he is basically confirming that he’s at least considering The Last of Us Part 3:

I’ll just say right now the focus is on, we have the multiplayer game coming out, and we are going to reveal more about it later this year. Beyond that, it’s the same process we’ve always had.

We don’t do something that we’re not extremely passionate about, so unless we had a really good compelling story to keep the story going, it ends at [The Last of Us] part two.” 

It all depends if they have an excellent story to continue Ellie’s life on how she would continue living which would be good to see, but fans might want something different.

Previous year in December, a reliable film leaker claimed that The Last of Us Part 3 is currently in development, and Drunkmann isn’t being direct about the game, so we won’t know until they officially announce it.

For now, we recommend fans don’t get their hopes high as it is likely that the development hasn’t started yet, and if they get a good idea, then the story will surely continue. If the story continues, it would perhaps be the best news for The Last of Us fans.

Aside from what do you think of this claim by Neil Drukmann? Would you like to see part 3 of The Last of Us? Please Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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