Naughty Dog’s New IP Spotted In Dev’s LinkedIn Profile

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Finally Something Other Than The Last of Us!

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  • Naughty Dog has been sticking to The Last of Us for a while.
  • A new IP has been teased by the team multiple times in the past.
  • A LinkedIn profile provides solid evidence for the existence of this IP.

Naughty Dog has released some of the best IPs over the years, but the developers have not deviated much from The Last of Us since the last generation. In the last three years, two Last of Us games have already been released, with the team quickly approaching its third release this month.

This has led to demands for a new project from the studio. Fortunately, the team appears to also be working on a new IP alongside its current projects, going by a developer’s LinkedIn profile.

Why it matters: Naughty Dog has already teased a new IP multiple times in the past. However, this is the biggest evidence of this project so far.

Naughty Dog New IP
Source: LinkedIn

This evidence comes from the LinkedIn profile of Colin Lorimer, a writer, illustrator, and story artist working on multiple Naughty Dog projects. According to his bio, the illustrator has worked on projects like the now-canceled Last of Us Factions and the highly popular TV adaptation on HBO.

His profile states:

“He is currently helping develop their (Naughty dog’s) latest IP.”

This new IP appears to have been in development since December 2021, as denoted by the ‘Untitled Project’ in the LinkedIn profile. However, with resources split between multiple projects at Naughty Dog, much progress may not have been made yet.

As stated earlier, key Naughty Dog developers like Neil Druckmann have hinted at this IP in the past. Following the studio’s scrapped multiplayer project, the team confirmed a commitment to focusing on single-player gameplay.

Therefore, this new IP will likely play to the studio’s strengths, offering another immersive single-player experience. Rumors have stated that this IP will be based on a diesel-punk fantasy theme, though reliable sources have yet to corroborate the information.

The Last of Us 2

Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part 3 is almost certainly being worked on at Naughty Dog. There is also plenty of demand for a new game in the Uncharted series, though the studio might not be able to pay attention to the series with so much on its plate right now.

Naughty Dog’s latest release is right around the corner. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered launches next week, but we’re certainly more excited about the prospect of a new IP from the developer.

A new IP holds the potential for something unique from the team, allowing it to showcase its talents through new stories and gameplay mechanics.

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