More RAM Manufacturers Should Make Filler Kits

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A cheaper alternative to fill your RAM slots!

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  • Dummy kits are useful for making your setup look complete, eliminating the gaps on four-slot motherboards.
  • Higher Frequency kits benefit from this the most, allowing users to get the aesthetics of four modules without any loss in frequencies.
  • Despite the use case, there are only a handful of manufacturers creating filler RAM kits.

There’s no denying that dual-channel memory has become the norm within the PC sphere. One problem I noticed with these dual-channel memory kits is how empty they can make your four-slot motherboard feel. 

Filler kits essentially solve this issue while also without costing an outrageous amount. Despite clear benefits, there seems to be a clear scarcity of these filler kits, especially among DDR5 modules.

A Noticeable Visual Difference

V-Color Manta XPrism 32GB RGB
V-Color Manta XPrism 32GB With Filler Kits (Image by Tech4Gamers)

Sure, filler kits might sound like a superfluous purchase decision to some of you. But if you are someone like me, the gaps you are left with after installing two memory sticks in adjacent slots simply don’t look as aesthetically appealing as a completely filled motherboard.

That is where dummy kits come into play, standing out as an effective way of fixing this issue without requiring users to overspend on additional RAM modules that you might not even require depending on your workload. 

A good example of a dummy kit done right is the V-Color Manta xPrism.  The dummy kits work right out of the box and can also be controlled using third-party software for additional customization.

As seen in the above comparison, the visual difference between the two memory configurations is pretty huge. In fact, if you use a tempered glass case, you are probably going to agree with how much of an improvement filling all slots can make.

No Loss In Performance

V-Color Manta xPrism RGB 32GB DDR5 7200MHz CAS 34 (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Getting higher RAM frequencies to work with all four modules can be challenging. That’s why most people prefer to use two modules with high-frequency modules to achieve the best possible performance. However, utilizing only two modules means you lose out on the visual flair that you get with all four installed.

Filler kits make a lot of sense in that case too, allowing you to get aesthetically pleasing memory without sacrificing any of the additional performance you might gain from those high-frequency modules.

There Aren’t A lot Of Options

Despite the clear advantages filler kits offer, there aren’t a lot of dummy modules available in the current market. Aside from the V-Color options I mentioned previously, I wasn’t able to find any DDR5 dummy kits, which is a shame.

DDR4 does have some options from Corsair and Gigabyte; however, given the lower prices of DDR4 RAM sticks, you’ll be better off getting real sticks to populate your RAM slots instead.

Fill Those Slots

Despite presenting a fairly enticing use case for elevating the visuals of your setup, filler RAM kits are mostly disregarded by most manufacturers, which I find to be a bit disappointing. In my opinion, more RAM manufacturers should start offering dummy modules, especially considering how limiting RAM frequencies can be if you opt to go for all four fully functional modules.

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