Microsoft Considering Cheaper Ad-Supported Game Pass Subscription Service

Microsoft Conducting Survey To Offer Game Pass Subscription For Just 3 Euros!!

The Xbox Game Pass is one of the market’s most popular game subscription services, with around 25 million subscribers. It has benefited all its users by offering them renowned titles for a very low cost.

The Xbox Game Pass membership has three tiers: PC, Console, and Ultimate tier. The PC and Console tiers go for $9.99/mo, and the Ultimate tier goes for $14.99/mo, which are exceptional for the number of features they provide.

But it appears that Microsoft intends to offer an even more affordable tier of the Game Pass, as a ResetEra user recently posted a survey from Microsoft indicating that Microsoft is looking into providing an even more affordable tier of the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Survey
Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Survey

The survey is in Spanish, but we could translate it, and after doing so, we learned that Microsoft is considering charging €3 for the cheaper tier. While this is a very low price, it does have certain restrictions.

The survey shows that this specific tier of the Xbox Game Pass would include ads, users would also have to wait 6 months after Day-one launches, it would not include EA Play, and would also not include streaming, which means it would be download only.

Recently, Microsoft submitted a new patent, which revealed that it is developing a system that detects when player activity in a game has dropped and injects adverts at the appropriate time to be least bothersome to the player, which may or may not be connected to this cheaper Xbox Game Pass Tier.

However, it must be remembered that this is only a survey and in no way confirms the existence of a less expensive Xbox Game Pass tier. However, if it is accurate and Microsoft is launching this inexpensive Xbox Game Pass, it appears to be excellent value for its price.

We are excited to hear more about this new cheaper Xbox Game Pass tier. This is the limited information we have for now, but we will be looking for more news regarding this cheaper tier of the Xbox Game Pass in the future.

What do you think about Microsoft considering a cheaper ad-supported Xbox Game Pass subscription service? Let us know in the comments section.

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
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