MGS 3 Remake Still Has No Release Date But New Footage Looks Excellent

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Seems To Be Much Better Than Silent Hill 2!

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  • Xbox Games Showcase debuted another look at Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake gameplay. 
  • The gameplay looks brilliant, with great combat and stealth.
  • Konami has not shared a release date yet.

We didn’t see that coming, did we? Konami has debuted another look at the gameplay of Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake today at the Xbox Games Showcase. While the release date is still unknown, the gameplay looks solid and worthy of this IP’s legacy.

Why it matters: After most fans found Silent Hill 2’s trailer slightly underwhelming, they were worried about Metal Gear Solid. However, Konami has delivered a wonderful gameplay trailer.

YouTube video

The remake was announced back in 2023 at the PlayStation Showcase, but the gameplay was not shown until later at another Xbox event.

Previous footage was brief, but the latest trailer shows an extensive look at everything fans can expect. Following the trailer, we see that most elements have been kept close to the original, but the title has clearly received huge upgrades in visuals and gameplay.

The gameplay looks packed with action. Just like the original, stealth is one of the most important aspects here. The gunplay, vehicle combat, general traversal; everything looks solid from what we’ve seen so far.

Venom Snake From Metal Gear Solid
Venom Snake From Metal Gear Solid makes a comeback with the remake.

The character models also look really good. Konami and its developers have kept the essence of the original models and environment but dialed things up quite a bit, thanks to the power of modern technology. However, one thing is still missing.

We don’t have a release date yet again. While it was first rumored to be a 2024 title, new reports claimed that the remake had been delayed to 2025. The lack of a release date hints that the rumors of the delay could indeed be true.

Nonetheless, Konami seems to have done a brilliant job with Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake. Hopefully, the finished product is just as good as the gameplay makes it out to be. We also hope to see more details soon.

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