First Case of CableMod Melting 12VHPWR Connector Reported

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Luckily the card is not damaged!

Months after the launch of Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, we still do not have any real proof of why the 12VHPWR connectors melted. Another case of melting 12VHPWR connector was reported, and this time it was from a custom cable by CableMod.

According to some experts, the 12VHPWR melting issue to mainly due to installing the connector incorrectly. The 12VHPWR is very hard to plug in, and if not done correctly, the connector would melt due to an unbalanced load on a few pins inside the 12VHPWR adapter on the other hand PCI-SIG blamed partners for the connector defect.

CableMods Melting Connector

Now, a user on Reddit claims that he installed the CableMod 12VHPWR connector correctly, ensuring that he heard the click sound to be sure. Even after inserting the 12VHPWR connector correctly, it looks like the custom CableMod cable was still impacted. Though lucky for the Reddit user, it did not impact its GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card.

CableMod was also quick to respond to the case of melting 12VHPWR connector. CableMod said,

โ€œVery sorry about that โ€“ please reach out to our support, and we will make it right with you! Our products come with service, and we help every customer out.โ€

โ€œThe card is not damaged (we spoke to him), but in case our cables would damage a card, then we would replace the GPU โ€“ we have done that in the past in rare cases where our cables damaged something.โ€

CableMod has a clean record regarding their excellent quality custom cables, and it looks like the company is ready to back up any users who use their custom cables. It was also the first issue reported on a custom cable. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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