You must be familiar with open-world games like the Just Cause series, Mad Max, and Rage series. According to recent leaks and industry sources, the Avalanche Studios Group is working on a new open-world game.

Avalanche Studio Group working on a new open world IP, AAA title mad max 2 rage 3 just cause 5

Last month, a job listing was posted by Avalanche Studios where they mentioned that a new AAA “Cutting Edge Open-World” IP is being developed.

Avalanche Studio Group working on a new open world IP, AAA title mad max 2 rage 3 just cause 5 job listingEarlier this year, the game developer of Avalanche Studios opened a new studio in Liverpool in 2021, and he confirmed that the development of an announced project had been started.

He was eager for the game to be announced in 2022, which means we might get the game later this year. The game in the job listing was said to be in pre-production.

Avalanche Studio Group working on a new open world IP, AAA title mad max 2 rage 3 just cause 5

There have been numerous rumors that the new game could be the next part of the Mad Max series. There’s no denying that the latest Mad Max game would be out with the release of the next Mad Max film. 

Wendy Fok’s tweet confirmed that the Mad Max 2 film is under development. This sequel film is set to be released in 2024. However, they mentioned that it’s a new IP and not a sequel in the job listing. Therefore, this well-thought speculation could also be denied. 

This also denies the possibility of this game being Just Cause 5 since that is also a sequel.

Not to mention, Avalanche Studio already has various things planned. They have a project, “Contraband,” under development.

The projects Avalanche Studio Group is working on are as follows:

  • Project “Contraband.”
  • New IP – AAA Title by Systemic Reaction
  • Unannounced Project
  • A project by theHunter Team
  • New open-world action-adventure IP

Systemic Reaction and theHunter Team are other studios owned by Avalanche Studios.

Mad Max

The other AAA title isn’t necessarily an open-world game. It would be impressive to see Avalanche Studios change their approach by having a different genre for one of their game.

Finally, a rumor has been flying all around for a long time that Xbox might acquire Avalanche Studio shortly. This could very well be the case since the possibilities of Xbox acquiring successful studios have ramped up after their Activision acquisition.

As the developer stated, this game will be announced by 2022. Knowing Avalanche Studio’s approach, we can safely presume that the new game will be experience-rich with vast land and be listed as one of the best open-world games. 

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