It’s no secret that computer parts have soared in terms of prices over the past two years. With the pandemic, came a whole sleuth of problems including lockdowns, increased demands and supply shortages. All of this made it so companies were unable to fulfill the sudden demand. While components like Graphics Cards saw massive price bumps, they were not the only ones affected. A company like AMD also suffered from chip shortages in what was their most successful year in recent times. Similarly, notebook prices also shot up. With more and more people switching to remote jobs, notebooks sold more than they had ever before. Laptop Prices Falling April

However, it seems like better times are ahead for the laptop industry. Recently GPU prices have been on a downward spiral and it seems like notebooks prices will soon follow. According to Fast Technology, a report from Phoenix Technology claims that a supply chain source has stated notebook prices will soon decrease according to the current demand.

Notebook laptops prices Phoenix Could Fall April
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The source explained that the pandemic led to incredibly high demand but the demand is expected to decline in the latter half of 2022. This will encourage manufacturers to price their products at better rates than before.

Interestingly, the original source did not mention any brands in particular. This could lead to speculations that all brands will see price cuts across the board but we can’t say that for sure. Going by this report, it would be a wise move for people looking to buy a new laptop to wait a while.

If this price cut turns comes to fruition, laptop buyers should look forward to some great value in the near future. AMD’s Ryzen 6000 laptops should be right around the corner, bringing an all new RDNA2 IGPU called the Radeon 680M. Furthermore, laptops featuring Intel GPUs are also nearing release.

With the aforementioned developments, the world of laptops is looking more exciting than ever before. These new machines should blast through productivity workloads, providing excellent value to the consumers. Price cuts from manufacturers will only serve to supplement this excitement. As the world moves away from lockdowns, demands for computers should decrease further. This would ultimately be a win for the consumers and should prove useful to those on a tight budget.

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