Joyway to Debut Hifi Gaming Keyboard at Gamescom 2023

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New Amazing Gaming Keyboard Offerings From Joyway!!

Are you in the market for a high-quality new keyboard? Well, prepare to be excited, for Joyway is about to unveil a brand new offering that targets the high-end user. And you might well be able to check it out sooner than you think.

Joyway has revealed an entirely new brand that the Hifi keyboard falls under. It goes by the name IYX and features four different keyboards that primarily differ in appearance. There is something here to suit all different tastes.

What Are the Different Options?

Karloff Noir
Karloff Noir

For gamers, we recommend the Karloff Noir. This keyboard is all black and RGB and will sit comfortably in front of your tower and widescreen monitor. It’s a classy choice, though, and will fit on even the smallest of desks.

The flashier tastes among you will likely prefer the Mithril, as light as the Karloff Noir is dark. The keys are bright, the chassis a gorgeous silver, and the lighting is gentler. 


Then there’s the Opal, which features a touch of the old school. If you’ve ever owned a see-through handheld games console, you will love this one, as you can see through to all of the internals.

Finally, Topaz is the option aimed at the professional user. Much like Mithril, it features a silver chassis but is much more unassuming. If you work in an office, it absolutely won’t look out of place.


Can You Customise Them?

Absolutely! You can tweak much of the keyboards’ functionality, including the keys’ responsiveness and lighting effects. You can do the latter with a simple gesture, allowing you to easily turn them on in the dark.

Then there’s a detachable timing screen and a 20,000mAh wrist rest. That’s particularly exciting, as it will charge your keyboard when you’re out of juice and provide you with greater comfort.

It’s also worth noting that all four keyboards are built from high-quality materials, like carbon fiber. So you can expect them to stand the test of time and travel without worrying they will break.

Where Can I Check Them Out?

Hall 10.1 B072
Hall 10.1 B072

We have good news if you want to see the keyboards yourself. Joyway is taking the keyboards to this month’s Gamescom in Cologne. If you enjoy using it, you can give them a test and walk away with one.

Joyway will have a booth (B072) in Hall 10.1, so head over to meet the team and tap away at the keys. If you’re in the business area, they have a separate booth in Hall 2.2, numbered C043a.

It’s a keyboard worth checking out, so do make sure to head on over there if you’re attending Gamescom.

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