I Am Really Excited To Test The New Ryzen 5000XT CPUs

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AMD Keeps AM4 Alive!

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  • AMD recently announced their 5000XT series of processors for the AM4 Platform, further increasing the socket’s lifespan.
  • Both the specifications and performance figures showcased by AMD look very promising.
  • Continuous support for AM4 is a net positive for anyone who has yet to upgrade to AM5.

AMD’s Ryzen 9000 series is on its way, with AMD unveiling specifications and a few benchmarks for the entire lineup. While there are certainly a number of people awaiting the launch of these newer CPUs, I’ve had my eyes peeled for the Ryzen 5000XT chips launching for the AM4 platform.

AM4 Is Still Alive!

5000XT Series Specifications
5000XT Series Specifications (Image Via AMD)

AMD has managed to keep the AM4 platform alive since 2017 and continues to do so with the launch of these newer CPUs. In my opinion, AMD’s track history for the AM4 platform has certainly been impressive, and support extending all the way to 2025 is a great sign. 

What’s important to note is that, unlike previous “XT” refreshes for the 3000-series, AMD isn’t just simply increasing the clock speeds for the CPUs and calling that an upgrade. Instead, we get a few extra cores on the 5900 XT along with a decent increase in L3 Cache.

Upgrades for the cheaper Ryzen 7 5800XT are a little dialed back, with the CPU only receiving a boost clock speed bump to 4.8 GHz. Hopefully, the increased IPC can deliver a considerable boost in performance.

Impressive Performance Figures

While I’m always one to take these performance figures with a grain of salt, they really do look impressive on paper. I mean, going head-to-head with last-gen Intel CPUs on an 8-year-old platform is a pretty astounding feat for AM4 CPUs.

Not to mention that the non-XT counterparts actually struggle to compete with the aforementioned Intel CPUs, which makes these performance figures even more impressive. Granted, complete details about these benchmarks haven’t been revealed, so we’ll simply have to wait to see how well these numbers stack up in real-world tests.

Additionally, pricing is still yet to be announced; however, I assume it is going to be in line with the competition since that has been the general trend with AMD CPU releases.

A Great Move By AMD

Despite the launch of the 9000 series, I can’t help but be excited more about the 5000XT CPUs AMD is planning on launching alongside them. Of course, I still have my doubts about the performance figures provided by AMD; however, that has made me a lot more interested in actually testing these processors myself.

Given the number of processors the AM4 socket still supports, I’m sure there are a lot of people who are still on the platform, which makes the release of these newer processors a great move by AMD.

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