There Will Be No Harry Potter In The Hogwarts Legacy, But There Will Be Something Better

Since its announcement in September 2020 at the PlayStation event, gamers and fans of the Harry Potter series have been all hyped for the Hogwarts Legacy. Gamers were all geared up for the release in 2021 until it was announced that the game was being pushed to a later release date due to production delays as a consequence of the pandemic.

However, on Jan 13th, 2021, the game was announced to be released somewhere in late 2022. We got our first look at the game during the first trailer released in September 2020. Since then, there have been only speculations about the game’s launch. Earlier this month, it was announced that the PlayStation State of Play trailer for Hogwarts legacy would be released on Mar 18th 2022. And surely enough, yesterday we got our first look at the 14 minutes gameplay trailer, and it looked immaculate. 

The gameplay revealed the various aspects of the RPG. It will comprise a massive open world where you will be the main character, and the consequences of your actions will affect the world. Many creatures, including hippogriffs, beasts, dementors, and goblins, were also showcased that only increasing the enthusiasm among the Harry Potter fans. 

You won’t be playing as Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy

This is something that was purely based on speculation, but now it is confirmed that Harry Potter, the protagonist of the main series, won’t be present in the game. The movies and books are based in the 19th and 20th centuries, whereas the game’s events, will occur in the 17th and 18th. 

That’s where the best part about the game comes in. You would be your own wizard/witch. The game, as the State of Play trailer revealed, won’t force you to play as a story-driven character; instead, it’s up to you whether you want to be a good wizard or a lousy wizard, and the story will play out through your choices. It was also revealed that the game would have the three unforgivable curses that we often saw in the moves. But there will be a sort of taboo on them due to which there will be restrictions on them. Again, if you aim to be an evil wizard, you might use them and face the outcomes. (@xw.qq)

While fans are super excited, The official Twitter of Hogwarts legacy (@HogwartsLegacy) just wrote: 

While there is no exact official release date, Sony has announced that the game will release in the holidays season in 2022. So, we can assume a release date of around November to December if everything works out fine. The game will release on all major devices, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox series X and S, Xbox one and one S, PC, and even Nintendo Switch. However, the resolutions and quality of the game on the switch aren’t clear yet. We, like everyone else, are looking forward to the game and will keep an eye out for any further news.

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