GTA San Andreas Looks Phenomenal In Unreal Engine 5

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The Remake We Deserved!

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has no shortage of iconic entries. With games like GTA Vice City, GTA 4, and more, the series has explored various settings and gameplay styles.

Despite the plethora of GTA games,  few entries have left a legacy as strong as GTA San Andreas. Nearly two decades after its initial release, fans continue to look back fondly on GTA San Andreas, with many considering it the best GTA release to date.

This reverence for the game has also sparked demand for a future remake, and Youtuber Teaser Play has given fans a small glimpse of a potential remake. The latest concept shows  GTA San Andreas in Unreal Engine 5, and it looks just like we had imagined.

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The concept shows incredibly detailed character models and environments. Fan-favorite characters like CJ, Ryder, and Big Smoke are featured in the concept, invoking a nostalgic feeling for fans who played the game during its initial lifespan.

Classic missions like the infamous train chase are also part of the concept. Like other Unreal Engine 5 showcases, the atmospheric lighting is a highlight with stunning shadows and reflections.

This concept further highlights Take-Two Interactive’s disappointing treatment of GTA San Andreas. In 2021, GTA San Andreas was released as part of a remastered collection of GTA games, but the company failed to deliver anything remotely close to what is seen in the concept above. 

The iteration of GTA San Andreas featured in the GTA Trilogy was not a far cry from fan expectations and came with a plethora of bugs for further disappointment.

While Teaser Play’s concept looks astonishing in many aspects, it also comes with a few caveats. Similar to most fan-made concepts, animations are a major step down from the industry standard, but a polished release from a big developer could remedy this issue.

Despite the game’s age, GTA San Andreas continues to hold a special place in the hearts of gaming fans worldwide. With the recent success of remakes like Dead Space and Resident Evil 2, GTA San Andreas seems like the perfect candidate for a big-budget remake built from the ground up.

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