Former GTA Producer Reveals AAA Action-Adventure Game

GTA 6 vs. Everywhere, It's About To Get Real

Build A Rocket Boy, the studio led by former Rockstar North President, Leslie Benzies, is currently working on a very intriguing video game concept. The Everywhere project aims to create a new platform with endless possibilities.

Everywhere offers a social hub called Utropia. This hub connects various districts worldwide, providing unique gameplay scenarios like races and third-person action gameplay. Everywhere also comes with creation tools, allowing custom experiences from players.

While this sounds interesting, it still leaves a lot of questions. Build A Rocket Boy has confirmed the game will not be based on NFTs or Blockchain, and Everywhere is scheduled for a 2023 release.

However, the developer has also revealed MindsEye. This is a brand new action-adventure game set within Everywhere.

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Build A Rocket Boy describes MindsEye as a completely separate AAA game. However, it will only be available Everywhere.

The game will be released in different chapters, initially focusing on a single-player-driven story. This focus may evolve and expand into other genres, like multiplayer with later chapters, and the developer also promises to integrate MindEye’s assets into the tools available within Everywhere.

This should allow players to use the world of MindsEye for their unique concepts. 

The information revealed so far sounds extremely interesting. If done right, Everywhere could become a long-lasting platform for user-created experiences as the developer intends.

However, Build A Rocket Boy might struggle to introduce this unique concept to a broader audience. This is where MindsEye comes in with a more traditional approach to gameplay, which might help bring more players to the Everywhere platform.

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