Gears of War E-Day Devs Just Teased Multiplayer Gameplay

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Exciting News For Fans of Gears Multiplayer!

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  • Gears of War E-Day was announced recently during the Xbox Showcase.
  • The developers have all but confirmed that multiplayer elements will make a return in this game.
  • They also emphasized class elements, including gore, horror, and brutality.

Nearly half a decade after the release of the last Gears entry, The Coalition has finally confirmed a new game. Gears of War E-Day was announced last week during the Xbox Games Showcase.

While not much is known about the title yet, fans were curious whether it would come with multiplayer modes like past games. It appears that fans may get to relive the glory days of Gears multiplayer again since the developers are looking to keep the DNA of this series intact.

Why it matters: Co-op and competitive multiplayer has always been a huge part of Gears of War, with a dedicated community being built around these experiences.

YouTube video

During a recent interview with Windows Central, The Coalition’s Creative Director Matt Searcy and Brand Director Nicole Fawcette talked about Gears of War E-Day.

The subject of multiplayer gameplay was also brought up during the conversation. Since this entry is a prequel and offers a standalone experience, many fans were concerned that The Coalition would skip multiplayer.

Following the question, The Coalition was more than happy to leave a small teaser. Matt Searcy stated that Gears has a clear DNA, and The Coalition does not intend to move away from established fundamentals.

Gears has a pretty clear DNA for gameplay modes, so you can probably anticipate where we’ll be going with E-Day.

-Matt Searcy

While multiplayer has not been announced officially, Matt Searcy has all but confirmed its inclusion through this clever reply.

Since Gears of War E-Day is a return to the IP’s roots, this approach may also play a role in the multiplayer component. Perhaps the multiplayer experience will resemble Epic Games’ take on the franchise more closely compared to recent releases.

Gears E-Day
Gears of War E-Day May Launch Next Year

The developers have also talked about the return to ‘Gears of War.’ While the franchise was officially rebranded as ‘Gears’ once The Coalition took over, the team wanted to harken to the roots of the first few games with this nod to the original name.

Elsewhere, the studio is presenting a darker narrative, hoping to showcase the threat of the Locusts more prominently than before. According to reports, Gears of War E-Day could also be ready for launch by next year, giving fans just one more reason to be excited.

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