Game Pass Does Not Disrupt The Market Claims Microsoft

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Game Pass Is Additive!

Xbox Game Pass launched nearly six years ago and has already gathered over 25 million subscribers. Game Pass has shown remarkable growth in recent years, proving to be a worthy initiative for Microsoft.

It allows users to try new games on day one while allowing developers freedom for new ideas and experimentation. As such, it is easy to see why the idea has taken the entire industry by storm.

Many publishers and developers are satisfied with Game Pass, but there are still a lot of questions regarding the platform. Fans and industry professionals have previously shown concern about Game Pass taking over the traditional model of gaming.

While talking to the Gamesindustry, Microsoft’s director of ID@Xbox, replied to these concerns, saying Xbox Game Pass is not disruptive.

He stated:

“I wouldn’t describe it as disruptive, because I don’t think it is in the way that like Uber came in and got rid of all the taxis.”

Xbox Game Pass

According to Chris Charla, the subscription is additive instead of disruptive; he further stated:

“It’s additive. People still buy a lot of games and they still buy a lot of games on Xbox. I don’t think Game Pass has been a disruptive business model.”

His words suggest that Microsoft will continue to support the traditional model of gaming alongside the popular subscription.

Previously, Sony has claimed that the Game Pass model of day one release is not sustainable, but the gaming giant also offers a similar service with PlayStation Plus after Game Pass’ success. However, this excludes the day-one releases.

Chris Charla also compared Game Pass to free-to-play games. Previously, many had thought free-to-play games would take over the industry, but they currently exist in a completely different market.


Chris Charla’s words should give a small glimpse at Microsoft’s goals and approach with Game Pass. It remains to be seen if the subscription can co-exist within the industry, but it seems Microsoft does not intend to disrupt the market.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think Xbox Game Pass is additive, or is it disruptive? 

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