Next FromSoftware Game Has Been In Development For Over A Year

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Sequel To Elden Ring or Bloodborne 2?

The fan-favorite Japanese developer, FromSoftware, has grown incredibly over the last few years. Elden Ring took the world by storm, introducing a new audience to the genre of gaming pioneered by the developer.

A new DLC for the game was officially announced last month, but it looks like FromSoftware may also be working on their next project. A Linkedin profile of a current developer states that an unannounced project has been in development since January 2022.

However, it is not clear what this project could be. A sequel to Elden Ring would be a safe bet since the game sold over 17.5 million copies. However, FromSoftware may take a completely new approach for the next project.

Recently, Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed he was looking at multiplayer games for inspiration. The Elden Ring Director pointed to Escape From Tarkov in particular, and this could be a hint for the studio’s next game.

FromSoftware has been known to create new IPs like Sekiro and Elden Ring, even with the success of previous titles. This time, a new game could bring players to a new world again but with a different premise.

While multiplayer has always existed in Dark Souls, it has never been a fundamental part of the experience. This may change with Hidetaka Miyazaki drawing inspiration from multiplayer games.

Bloodborne 2 is another game that fans have been wanting for years. Sony owns the IP, and the gaming giant recently revisited Demon’s Souls, another FromSoftware title. With the PlayStation 5 generation finally off to a fresh start this year, Bloodborne 2 is also somewhat possible.

It could also be argued that the project refers to the Elden Ring DLC, but that seems unlikely since the DLC is no longer unannounced as of last month.

The profile also states Armored Core 6 has been developing since 2017, and the game will be released in 2023. If the studio continues to follow a similar trend, fans might not see the next game for some time, but the wait will almost certainly be worth it if previous releases are anything to go by.

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