The Far Cry franchise is a long-running series of open-world, first-person shooter games. Ubisoft has covered various periods across multiple entries in the franchise, and the latest release is set on a fictional Caribbean island inspired by Cuba.

Far Cry 6 was released nearly a year ago, iterating on Ubisoft’s classic open-world formula. The game has also seen a few DLC add-ons featuring classic characters from the previous entries. 

However, Ubisoft is also looking to re-release Far Cry 6, packing all previous DLC releases with the game’s upcoming expansion, Lost Between Worlds. Far Cry 6 Game Of The Year Edition has now been spotted on PSN, costing a whopping $120

Far Cry 6 PSN Game of The Year
Source: PSN

While the price might look a bit too steep, Far Cry 6 Game of The Year Edition has a lot of content for brand-new players. The bundle includes two games for the price, packing in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition and Far Cry 6. 

Fortunately, existing Far Cry 6 owners will not need to pay $120. Ubisoft has provided an easy upgrade to the Game of The Year Edition for $60. Existing owners can access the new content without breaking the bank. 

The upcoming expansion seems to be the major highlight for Far Cry 6 Game of The Year Edition. This expansion was leaked not too long ago, but an official release date has not been confirmed at the moment. Fans can expect to learn more about the expansion soon.

Far Cry 6 Game of The Year Edition
Source: PSN

Far Cry is nearly two decades old, and the franchise has spawned several releases since the original game. Recent Far Cry games have drawn criticisms for being too similar and identical to other Ubisoft titles. However, Far Cry 6 still has a lot to offer for new players looking to jump into an open-world, first-person shooter title.

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