Enermax Unveils AIO With Removable LCD & LIQTECH XTR AIO

New AIOs From Enermax!

[Press Release] CES 2024 introduced various groundbreaking concepts and products from tech giants worldwide. Among the industry leaders present at CES, Enermax debuted the first AIO liquid cooler with a sliding LCD screen, the AQUAFLO LCD AIO.

Enermax CES 2024 AQUAFLO LCD

The screen that separates this AIO from the rest is designed with portability in mind and includes a stand for tabletop use. A magnet also allows the sliding screen to easily rest on any metallic surface.

Elsewhere, the AIO can cool CPUs utilizing up to 400W TDP. Using Enermax’s Dual-Chamber Xtreme Pump and cooling innovations, the AQUAFLO LCD AIO is well-equipped to handle advanced computing tasks.

Enermax also debuted the LIQTECH XTR AIO for workstation PCs. Unlike the former AIO, this CPU cooler can handle thermal design power of over 500W, making it a great pick for modern Ryzen Threadripper PRO and Intel Xeon processors.


The digital screen included in the AIO helps monitor CPU temperature in real time, keeping users informed about potential overheating in extreme cases. All in all, this AIO relies on class-leading technology to cool the most demanding workstation CPUs.

Following CES 2024, Enermax confirms both AIOs will launch in Q2 2024. While this leaves a few more months before the release, readers can head over to the official website to learn more about Enermax and its CES 2024 showings.

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