Elden Ring Has Won The Nebula Award For Game Writing

First Time For Director Miyazaki!

Elden Ring has quickly become FromSoftware’s best and most recognized work in the gaming industry yet. While the developer had already worked on popular games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, none of them saw the success that the latest release has enjoyed.

Following this success, Elden Ring has once again won a new award. The game has now earned a Nebula Award for game writing.

Why it matters: FromSoftware’s latest release has no shortage of awards, previously winning titles like the Game of The Year at TGA 2022.

Elden Ring

This is the first Nebula award for Director Hidetaka Miyazaki while the third for George R.R Martin. George R.R Martin previously earned his last Nebula award in 1985, but his work on Elden Ring has earned him another title after a long hiatus.

Both writers have been known for creating deep and exciting narratives with interesting characters. Utilizing their skills and past experience, they have ensured that Elden Ring continues this trend with extremely impressive writing.

Apart from that, Elden has also sold over 20 million copies, and FromSoftware has already confirmed long-term support for the IP. An upcoming DLC has already been revealed, and even more content could be coming in the future.

Despite an already successful run, Elden Ring has shown no signs of stopping. An incredible open-world, engaging combat, and rich narrative has ensured that fans continue to enjoy the game for a long while.

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