Dead Space Remake: Steam Now Offering Free 90 Minute Trial

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Lasts Until May 29!

Dead Space Remake was among the first major releases in 2023, ensuring a faithful remake of the horror classic. It took EA Motive 28 months to complete the game, and the remake saw positive reception from fans and critics.

While the game was extremely popular, many gamers may not have tried the title for one reason or another. For such PC gamers, Steam is now offering a 90-minute trial for the game.

Why it matters: The trial could introduce new players to the game and start a new trend of future trials on the popular PC gaming platform.

Dead Space Steam
Source: Steam

Fans should notice that this offer is only available for two weeks, from today till the 29th of May.

Many fans previously had gripes with the Dead Space Remake PC port. The PC version suffered from stuttering issues, and users can utilize this trial to test if the game is in a playable state after months of updates.

Moreover, it is also an excellent opportunity for those who want to buy the game. Dead Space Remake is currently 20% off, and Steam users can buy the game for $47.99.

With the current state of PC ports, future trials might be a great solution for PC users looking to spend their money wisely. Steam could offer more trials for games at or near launch, and this would ensure that PC gamers can judge if a PC version is worth buying.

The platform previously offered demos, but trials can serve as a better representation of a complete game. Are you going to play the Dead Space trial? Or have you played the game already?

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