The popularity of Elden Ring has been immense ever since it was released. The game was successful because of its incredible mechanics, gameplay, and stunning graphics. 

The most recent patch hinted toward Elden Ring getting RayTracing support and two new zones. Now latest reports revealed that Elden Ring’s future update might also introduce Arenas in the game.

Sekiro Dubi, a data miner for the Elden Ring on Twitter, claims that the new data include two new maps (m20 and m45) and several assets and textures about the new Colosseum. So there is a possibility that we might see the arrival of the most awaited PVP Arenas.

At first, fans were excited about RayTracing; arenas might also be coming in the future update/DLC to make the game even more enjoyable. A YouTube channel, Garden of Eyes, uploaded a video of Colosseum Arenas on 7 March 2022. It was always a mystery, but now in the future, there might be PVP Arenas. 

Elden Ring DLC will be a massive single-player expansion with an unlocked multiplayer arena as a bonus, with the possibility of separate PVP and PVE weapon-balancing arenas.

Elden Ring won the Japan Game Awards 2022; it has shipped more than 16.6 Million units worldwide, increasing Bandai Namco game revenue by 34%. What do you think of Elden Ring getting RayTray Support, Two new time zones, and Arenas? Do you believe Elden Ring will win the Game Of The Year Award? Let us know in the comments section.

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