Elden Ring DLC Now Has Easy Mode Mod After Recent Outrage Over Difficulty

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Now Everyone Can Enjoy The DLC!

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  • Shadow of the Erdtree has been criticized for being much harder than the base game.
  • Following the outrage, modders have made an easy mode for the game to please such players.
  • It reduces enemy damage significantly, while another mod offers passive health regeneration.

Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has proven to be way harder than the base game. While it was a source of excitement for some, others found it unfair, which led to a mixed reception for the expansion on Steam.

The DLC is quite hard, as it consists of the most difficult boss lineup FromSoftware has ever created. The studio won’t lower the game’s difficulty for mass appeal, but modders have taken matters into their own hands.

They have now come up with an easy mode for Shadow of the Erdtree.

Why it matters: Many players couldn’t beat Mohg and are new to the game, leading to their crushing defeat in the DLC and negative reviews.

Shadow of The Erdtree Negative Reviews
Shadow of the Erdtree Has Received So Many Negative Reviews Recently

Easy Shadow of the Erdtree is available at Nexus Mods. As the name suggests, it’s designed to make the DLC easier for the fandom that has trouble with the bosses. 

You can also use this mod to learn boss patterns without dying so many times.

– Mod Creator

This mod’s main purpose is for fans to be able to enjoy the game and learn the boss patterns without having to restart constantly. This is a practice session for you, not an easy way out.

The enemy damage has been toned down by 35%, which is a tremendous decrease. Moreover, another mod mimics Wolverine’s ability, giving players passive health regeneration while they take 50% less damage.

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Since the mods are limited to PC, console players can’t do anything about DLC’s difficulty for now. However, we believe everyone should rely on Scadutree Fragments, as the DLC revolves around this mechanic.

If you are finding Shadow of the Erdtree way too hard, we recommend downloading the mod and practicing with it. Make sure to use this mod while offline, as you are always at risk of getting banned.

Once you beat the game via this mod, you should try to beat it normally, too. Between the many defensive spells, incantations, and talismans, there are plenty of ways to tackle the challenges presented by this DLC.

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