Elden Ring is a souls game, and, like many souls games, it arrives with its relentlessly challenging combat in an incredible open world that gives us the freedom to choose our path. Ever since the game came to fruition at the end of February 2022, it has been well-received by the community by getting the highest ever ratings for a souls game, and it is now said to be worth the hype that was created a long time ago. 


xqc twitch elden ring stats

Shortly after the launch of Elden Rings, it has successfully surpassed its predecessor, Dark Souls, since the game is now more visually pleasing with improved combat. This game is such a massive success that it made its name in the Steam’s top sellers of the week, becoming the number one top seller for six weeks consecutively.


Elden Ring Top Seller
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Speaking of the game’s success, it doesn’t merely end here. Like other souls games, this game requires a lot of patience as you tend to die dozens of times fighting a single boss. Most people found it fun to watch streamers go through this suffering and generate a humorous reaction upon dying in the game. It also seemed relatable to the players of Elden ring when streamers went through the same agony of dying multiple times just like them. The pain of the game turned into such a beauty that it has attracted millions of people on Twitch.

According to a SullyGnome, it has recently become the most-watched FromSoftware game in twitch history, reaching over 200 million hours of watch time. In contrast with other games from the company, Dark Souls III came out in March 2016 and hit over 17.9 million hours of watch time after a month of its arrival, not to mention that these hours decreased just after the first month. Considering the previous game before Elden Ring, Sekiro, which came out in March 2019, only had over 12 million hours watched in the first month of its launch.

Elden Ring Stats SullyGnome

Comparing the total watch time for all the games from FromSoftware in a year, Elden ring secures the first spot by gaining nearly 200 million hours watched. Astonishingly, Sekiro didn’t make it to the second place since Dark Souls III stole the spot by gaining over 34 million hours. It is followed by its predecessor, the first-ever Dark Souls, which gained over 22 million hours watched. 

Elden Ring

You may be curious who derived all these views for the game. These streamers are well known, and you may already recognize them. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The list is mentioned below.

twitch xQc elden ring stats

Not to mention, well-known streamer xQs has gained peak viewers of almost 100K for Elden Ring only. Not only that, but this game has also elevated him to the ranks of Twitch’s most-watched streamer. Considering these facts, it is reasonable to say that FromSoftware’s hard work and creativity have paid off, and the game appears to leave a long-lasting impact.


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