EA Adjusts Microtransaction Prices Leading To Higher Costs In Various Regions

Accounting For Inflation!

EA announced that it has decided to increase the prices for the in-game content for their live-service games following global economic fluctuations.

The change led to a price increase of microtransactions in NHL in some regions and a reduction in others from 1st June 2023. However, it is worth noting that these changes do not relate to game and subscription prices, being exclusive to in-game content only.

Why it matters: Microtransaction has always been controversial in video games, charging money for in-game content mainly cosmetics. Increasing microtransaction prices has enraged fans who already dislike them.

Another popular EA title, FIFA, also experienced a similar change. with the price of FIFA points, an in-game currency, being adjusted. Regions like Argentina, Australia, and Canada witnessed a price increase, while regions like Brazil witnessed both a price reduction and an increase simultaneously, depending on the microtransaction.

On the other hand, this change could balance in-game content prices for players in different regions. Previously, every item used to cost the equivalent of US prices, but this adjustment could establish a more equitable balance.

Following NHL and FIFA, other EA titles such as Madden and UFC may also undergo this adjustment. While it may be appealing to players who experience a reduction in prices, it is likely to provoke outrage among those facing an increase.

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