Diablo 4 Early Access Off To Poor Start With Connection Issues

Early Access Users Not Happy!

Diablo 4 is nearly here, and early-access users can already play the game. While Blizzard’s latest title has no shortage of accolades from critics, it appears to be struggling with the vast number of players in the game.

According to various reports on the internet, Diablo 4 early access has been far from a smooth experience, with various issues like disconnections and long waiting times.

Why it matters: Previously, Blizzard claimed that Diablo 4 would be ready for launch. The game also went through multiple network tests to ensure players would have a smooth experience with the full release.

Stuck at Battle.net Login for 15 Minutes Now
by u/yiantony in diablo4

As seen above, a user on Reddit had to wait for 15 minutes but was unable to play the game. Eventually, the Reddit user was able to access the game from a different computer, but other users shared similar issues in the thread.

Fortunately, many of them were able to log in after restarts, but other users have not had the best luck with Diablo 4. 

The problems also extend to consoles, with PS5 users experiencing licensing issues. Rurikhan on Twitter eventually shared a solution involving a separate download from the PSN for PlayStation console users.

As such, it is safe to say that Diablo 4 is failing to live up to the expectations of fans.


The early access period is only available to consumers who have pre-ordered the expensive versions of Diablo 4. This includes the Deluxe and Ultimate editions, however, players currently have little to show for the extra amount spent on the game.

The connectivity issues have also raised concerns about the full game. These issues are likely to become even more frequent when thousands of users join the game on June 6 after the full launch.

However, Blizzard has likely noticed these issues already. Fans can only hope that the company will be able to resolve the connectivity problems as fast as possible.

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Malik Usman
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