Dying Light 2 Cost Techland $25 Million In Losses Due To 5X Low Revenue

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Dying Light 2 Live Service Is Losing Steam!

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  • Dying Light 2 is going strong to date, with many new content updates as part of its live service.
  • However, the game seems to be underperforming commercially, with Techland reporting $25 million in losses.
  • The company also stated that revenue declined nearly five times in 2023.

Developer Techland is one of the most popular among fans of zombie games. Its work on the Dying Light series remains quite admirable, with the latest entry continuing to receive support through live service updates.

Dying Light 2 has recently introduced many fan-favorite features, hinting at a focus on community-driven gameplay. However, despite the team’s dedication, studio Techland reported massive operating income losses of 25 million last year.

Why it matters: The Dying Light series has a dedicated fan base that has stayed around for many years. Therefore, a sudden drop in operating income like this is quite shocking.

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Dying Light 2 is far from a failure. The game sold 5 million units and received favorable reviews. It also continues to be enjoyed by a large audience to this day. However, it seems Techland’s focus on live service has been a letdown.

According to the studio, Dying Light 2 seems to have run its course. Due to the game’s high depreciation costs, the studio suffered millions in losses. Meanwhile, revenue also declined by a whopping fivefold.

It is important to note that Techland was acquired by Tencent last year. Therefore, these losses may not lead to a huge problem for the studio. However, with the increasing trend of layoffs and studio closures, developers at the studio may be facing a tense situation.

Not too long ago, Dying Light 2’s microtransactions led to outrage from the community. Perhaps this played a small part in these losses. Techland is also working on a new IP, so the studio may soon move on from this game and look toward the future.

Nonetheless, Techland will continue to support Dying Light 2 throughout 2024. The team is moving forward with a focus on ‘core zombie survival,’ hoping to ensure a better outlook for its finances this year compared to 2023.

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