Xbox Series S|X Now At 600K Sales In Japan; 6x More Than Xbox One Already

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Xbox Slowly Growing Its Dominance In Japan!

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  • The Xbox Series S|X have already sold 600K units in Japan, while the Xbox One only sold 100K units in its lifetime.
  • The Xbox Series S accounts for 315,431 units, while the Series X sold 285,014 units.
  • The two consoles could rival the Xbox 360’s lifetime sales in the region eventually.

The Xbox Series S|X, despite being two separate consoles, haven’t sold that many units worldwide. After the era of Xbox 360, there wasn’t a console from Microsoft that completely dominated the market, with PlayStation seemingly winning the console war this generation.

Microsoft has reduced its focus on console hardware after significant losses, but the gaming giant is doing better in some regions of the world, including Japan. The Xbox Series S|X have sold 600K units in Japan.

Why it matters: Xbox changed its approach to consoles by releasing two instead of one, and it seems to have worked after a disastrous era of Xbox One.

Xbox Series X Featured
The Xbox Series S|X Have Already Outsold The Xbox One In Japan

Famitsu recently revealed a new Xbox Series S|X milestone in Japan. According to the Japanese outlet, the consoles have sold 600K units nationwide. Surprisingly, the Xbox Series S is in the lead, selling over 30K more consoles than its more capable counterpart.

The Xbox Series X has sold 285,014 units, while the Series S accounts for 315,431 sales. What makes this impressive is that the Xbox One only sold 100,000 units in Japan in its lifetime, which is certainly disappointing.

The 600K sales figure might not be that impressive either, but it’s over five times more than what the Xbox One achieved in twice as much time. Meanwhile, the PS5 sold 5 million units in the region, while the Nintendo Switch achieved 30 million sales.

It is also worth noting that the Xbox 360 sold 1.6 million units in Japan in its lifetime. The Xbox Series S|X may eventually get close to reaching this figure since Microsoft has recently focused more on this market.

The Next Xbox WiIl Feature The Biggest Technical Leap Yet

Fans should note that these numbers from Famitsu are the estimated figures. While this outlet has many sources and has been proven right many times, an estimate is still an estimate. Xbox doesn’t provide official updates on its console sales.

While the Xbox Series S|X seem to be going strong in Japan, their success may be cut short by Microsoft’s next generation, which is said to be arriving by 2026. The giant claims to be developing a console with the biggest technical leap yet.

However, a handheld is also rumored for the next generation. This may help Microsoft capture the interest of Japanese gamers further after Nintendo’s success with a hybrid model.

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