Dishonored Was Released On This Day 11 Years Ago

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Over A Decade Old Already!

Dishonored took Arkane Studios to new heights. The game had many defining characteristics, using intricate level design, a distinct art style, and freedom in gameplay to elevate a first-person stealth experience.

Since the first game’s release, Arkane Studios has expanded the franchise through multiple DLCs and a sequel. However, the first game was arguably the most impactful, laying a strong foundation for follow-ups.

Dishonored was released 11 years ago, and it is still an excellent stealth-action game.


Dishonored is set in the city of Dunwall and features protagonist Corvo. Following a series of events, the protagonist is framed for murder and must make his way through the city to find the culprits behind the murder.

This quest puts Corvo on a bloody path, but Dishonored’s brilliance lies in its freedom. The game allows players to make crucial decisions, presenting the opportunity to complete the game without any casualties.

Dishonored does not judge players for either approach, but the game reacts to Corvo’s actions. As the character continues his killing spree, the game turns chaotic, leading to more hostility and a darker turn for the narrative.

Corvo is a skilled character, being able to wield swords, crossbows, and pistols. The protagonist also has access to Runes, using them to unlock supernatural abilities like Blink and Shadow Kill.

This blend of traditional combat and unknown abilities led to an excellent combat system for Dishonored, allowing players room to experiment and express creativity throughout their adventure.

Arkane Studios’ level design was also a highlight, complementing the freedom of the combat system. Such game design meant that Dishonored lent itself well to different types of approaches, encouraging players to replay parts of the game.


We believe Dishonored was an excellent entry in Arkane Studios’ portfolio of games, as it provided a unique experience 11 years ago.

While successive entries in the franchise expanded upon this combat, making it even more enjoyable, the first game’s solid foundations helped it stand out at release. These elements have aged well, making it a joy to play the game over a decade later.

As Dishonored turns 11, the game remains an excellent entry in the stealth-action genre. While the series has not been revisited for many years, recent leaks from Xbox have pointed to Dishonored 3.

Therefore, there is hope for another entry in the series, with the developers using its detailed level design, satisfying combat, and freedom to rise in the industry again after their latest failure with Redfall.

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