Blizzard Entertainment recently launched their much-awaited Diablo Immortal. The game launched on mobile phones and the PC platform. Since its launch, the Diablo Immortal has been a frequent cause of headlines due to great gameplay and generally very positive reviews from the players.

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However, one aspect of the game could be a significant let-off for many people. The game’s microtransactions system is quite weird and asks you to spend a ridiculous amount of money. YouTube Channel Bellular News has calculated the amount of money you have to spend to max out your character in-game. According to his calculations, it costs a hefty $110,000 to max out your character!

Diablo Immortal uses legendary gems that must be bought to increase your character’s tier. They are one of the characters’ three progression pillars, along with ordinary gear and XP level. They determine one’s endgame-tier growth beyond what is attainable just by achieving Diablo Immortal’s level max. F2P users can now not obtain top-rated Legendary Games, which are only available through certain of the game’s monetization methods.

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Though microtransactions are nothing new to games, they usually don’t impact your gameplay experience. In the case of other games like Call of Duty mobile, Fortnite, and various others, they are just cosmetic items that don’t necessarily affect your character’s growth. However, in Diablo Immortal, it does, and you must spend money on the game to fully gear up.

An even more weird thing pointed out by Bellular News is that even if you pay for the legendary gems, it isn’t necessary that you’ll get them in the drop box. So, the system is not even awarding. And this could be a huge reason that the game has had a limited launch area and is not worldwide. 

Though this is quite a big flaw with the game, Diablo Immortal provides a complete Diablo experience if you ignore the in-game transactions. The fans have praised the gameplay and mechanics, and it’s been reviewed quite decently by the critics. 

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