After Diablo 4 was officially announced at Blizzcon 2019, fans are eager to get their hands on it. Though the game is expected to arrive sometime in 2023, it seems like fans of the Diablo franchise will soon be able to get their hands on the next iteration of the series. 

The config now includes Diablo 4 Beta, which means the Diablo 4 beta has officially been included in the launcher, according to a Reddit user, enelby, who made the announcement on the Diablo subreddit (via Wowhead).

Diablo 4 Beta
Diablo 4 Beta on

Fans have been clamoring for access to the Diablo 4 beta, and Blizzard even began providing beta keys to people who acquire the game’s tattoos.

As part of the game’s promotional Hell’s Ink tour, Blizzard started giving out beta keys to people who get Diablo 4 tattoos, which really demonstrates how excited the Diablo community is. Fans have been eager to get their hands on the Diablo 4 beta.

Although nothing is currently accessible for download, this does indicate that is getting ready for the much-anticipated Diablo Beta.

As far as we are aware, Diablo 4 has an open-world strategy in which players move between hubs. There are five distinct zones, each with its own day/night cycle and variable weather. You can complete missions in any order you choose because they are not sequential.

In the same globe, players are always welcome to join one another. Even better, Blizzard has announced that Diablo 4 offers cross-platform play and progression, which calls for a account.

Moreover, we also previously reported that Diablo 4 might skip the old-gen consoles completely and stick to new-gen consoles only. The real concern is whether Blizzard can deliver. Since they have been receiving a lot of criticism for numerous things, including the Overwatch 2 Betas, Blizzard has been having a difficult time lately.

Diablo 4 Beta

Whether Blizzard can maintain the integrity of the Diablo Series while preventing fans from becoming dissatisfied is currently very difficult to predict. We truly hope that the upcoming Diablo 4 Beta clears any doubts that fans might have and surpasses all expectations.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Diablo 4 will be a success? Are you looking forward to participating in the upcoming beta?

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