Dead Space Remake Hits Over 30k Concurrent Players On Steam

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The Remake Is Doing Great On Steam!

The long-awaited Dead Space Remake has now been released. Fans of the franchise can relive the horror-filled nostalgia of the original Dead Space, and new fans can also experience the game with entirely new visuals.

With the massive anticipation for the game, the industry had predicted enormous sales numbers for Dead Space Remake. Looking at the concurrent Steam users, the horror game appears to be doing well, living up to the legacy of the franchise.

Having launched yesterday, the game has reached an impressive 30k concurrent Steam players so far. 

Dead Space Remake
Source: SteamDB

Since the game has just been released, the peak player count might continue to increase. The release has impressed many audiences, and more players will likely play the title as it goes on discounts in the coming months. 

Massive horror games like Resident Evil Village have previously reached over 100k concurrent Steam users, so Dead Space Remake is not leading the genre in this regard. However, looking at the recent competition, EA Motive’s latest release is doing much better.

The Callisto Protocol was seen as the biggest competitor to Dead Space Remake. Both games launched close to each other, and ex-Dead Space developers led The Callisto Protocol.

However, The Callisto Protocol has seen less than 20k peak concurrent players on Steam. Dead Space Remake also runs significantly better on PC, likely contributing to the current Steam player counts.

Dead Space Remake

EA Motive has done a great job capturing the intensity of the classic horror game, with one developer claiming that Dead Space is just too scary at night with headphones

Horror games like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Alan Wake 2 are set to be released in the coming months, and it will be interesting to see how well Dead Space Remake stacks up against these iconic horror franchises.

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