Dead by Daylight Could Revisit Analog Horror For Future Chapters

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"We've Only Scratched The Surface of Analog Horror"

Story Highlights
  • Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter explores analog horror.
  • This has been a highly requested horror sub-genre for the game.
  • According to the Creative Director, the team is open to another attempt at these themes.

Dead by Daylight has just launched Chapter 31 as Behaviour Interactive continues to expand this horror series with new maps, characters, and themes. Unique to this chapter is a focus on analog horror.

All Things Wicked will delve into the deep and disturbing nature of horror stories, fulfilling an age-old demand from the fandom. However, in our latest interview with Behaviour Interactive, the team confirmed that it is open to returning to analog horror.

Why it matters: Analog horror themes are rarely explored in games, so Behaviour Interactive has the opportunity to break new ground in this genre through gaming.

Dead By Daylight All Things Wicked
All Things Wicked Introduces Sable Ward As A Playable Survivor

We recently spoke to Dave Richard, the Senior Creative Director behind this iconic multiplayer horror title.

Like the fans, we were curious whether Behaviour Interactive would be interested in another analog horror venture. When asked about plans, Dave Richard gave an encouraging response, even if he did not directly confirm plans.

He acknowledged the positive reactions to Chapter 31, teasing more opportunities to explore this genre.

I think we’ve only scratched the surface of what analog horror can be.

-Dave Richard

For the unfamiliar, analog horror is characterized by unsettling filmings of horror events, creating an unmatched sense of dread and mystery.

Behaviour Interactive’s first venture into the genre has resulted in The Unknown, a killer the team found disgusting and terrifying, as described by the Creative Director.

The team has now gained a better grasp of this sub-genre after this chapter, and a possible return could lead to a more refined take on analog horror.

Dead by Daylight’s successful take on this sub-genre has motivated the team. A return to analog horror could lead to more disturbing killers, harrowing maps, and new lore elements that further expand this universe.

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