Corsair Launches iCUE Link XH405i To Expand Hydro X Series

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XG7 GPU Water Block Also Launched!

[Press Release] The Corsair Hydro X series is ready to take the next big leap after delivering exciting products like the XH305i custom cooling kits in 2020.

Corsair has now introduced the iCUE Link XH405i RGB, offering a complete package that includes unbeatable performance, stylish RGB, and full iCUE Link integration to simplify cable management and the building process.

Corsair iCUE Link XH405i Cooling Kit
Image via Corsair

This kit is available in gray and white colors and packs an efficient CPU water block, a high-end pump-reservoir unit, a 360mm radiator, three QX120 RGB fans, and more.

The XC7 RGB Elite water block is at the center of this cooling kit, shipping with a premium copper plate and support for various Intel/AMD processors. Meanwhile, the XD5 Elite pump-reservoir combo packs the famous D5 PWM pump.

When combined with iCUE Link connections and in-loop temperature sensors, these units unlock new levels of cooling. The there QX120 RGB fans complement the cooling kit, enabling optimal heat dissipation.

All of this comes together with transparent XT Hardline Tubing. Corsair has also ensured that the XH405i’s cooling can be easily expanded to GPU blocks, with the company launching its iCUE Link XG7 GPU water block alongside the XH405i.

The GPU water block has been updated to fit higher-end RTX 4080 and 4090 models, unlocking the full potential of these graphics cards through limited noise and impeccable thermal management.

Both the iCUE Link XH405i and XG7 RGB are now available worldwide. Every product included is backed by a two-year warranty at minimum, with the Hydro X series components boasting three years of warranty.

To learn more, head over to Corsair’s official website

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