Intel’s 12th Generation Alder Lake processors were introduced earlier this year. We also got a new generation of memory in the form of DDR5. The new memory standard offers crazy speeds starting from 4800MHz to 7200MHz. 

But another crazy thing about DDR5 memory since its launch has been its pricing. When introduced in January, the slowest (Well, for DDR5) 32Gb kit with 4800MHz cost about 1300USD, with the fastest kit of 32Gb costing around 4000USD. Although the price difference has been lesser for the 16Gb kits, still compared to DDR4, prices are skyrocketing.

But this year, things are looking to get a lot better as DDR5 prices are finally plummeting. According to a graph by Tom’s Hardware, there has been a significant price drop, especially in 32Gb kits of DDR5 memory modules. DDR5

Source: Tom’s HardwareThe primary reason to include 32Gb kits is that they are now considered the sweet spot whether you are in productivity or gaming. However, just gaming a 16Gb kit of dual-channel memory will also serve you fine. But for futureproofing 32Gb is just the right amount

Though we can see a massive drop of 20 to 60% in terms of 32Gb memory kit prices overall, comparing all capacities and speeds, we’ve had about a 5% drop in prices on average in Q1 2022, which is quite good considering the prices are still going down. But even now, the demand for DDR5 is relatively minor as the Alder Lake processors still work with DDR4 as long as you have a compatible motherboard.

With the arrival of AMD’s 7000 CPUs that have been confirmed to use DDR5, the demand will increase, and we might see the prices getting even better in Q2 of 2022. It will be exciting to see if the prices come close to DDR4 standards when DDR5 becomes more mainstream. However, there’s still a long way to go till then.

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